One of my favorite stops along the Toy Fair trail each year is the Dark Horse booth.  I get to see Aub, who is so clearly passionate about what is going on at Dark Horse, and I get to see all the amazing toys that Dark Horse has coming for the year.  This year, Dark Horse has some great stuff for the litlgeek in all of us with Peanuts, the Legend of Korra and the Last Airbender pieces, and some great Plants Vs. Zombie playing cards!



Dark Horse has the Peanuts rights back and they are thrilled to celebrate with some great flocked and colorful Snoopies in a mid-size format, as well as a ton of amazingly decorated and beautifully colored blind bag Snoopies.


Korra and Aang

Nickelodeon is getting the Dark Horse business with amazing statuettes of Korra and Aang! Gorgeous!



Plants Vs. Zombies

Who doesn’t want a PvZ deck of playing cards?  A fool…only a fool.  Everyone else should want a deck of PvZ playing cards, because Pea Shooters rule!


Thanks again to Aub and Dark Horse for having us down this year, we hope you are all as excited to get hands on this awesome product as we are!

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