The litlgeeks are very thankful to have been invited down to check out what was going on at Auldey Toys at Toy Fair 2016.  We met some great people and got to see some awesome toys!  Let’s check it out!

Super Wings

Super Wings is a show for kids on Sprout that features lifelike airplanes in every day situations.  The planes can transform and interact, the toys are fun to play with, and the play sets are great!


Wave Racers

Wave Racers is a light / kinetic based racing system.  Wave your hand quickly above your chosen car, drop it on the track, and depending on how fast you waved your hand, is how fast the car goes.  It’s an awesome take on table racing and it’s impressive to watch in action, so watch it in action!


Sky Rover

Sky Rover is leading the charge in voice command toy drone technology.  I can’t say words better than the video can show…so watch the video!

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