While rolling through ThinkGeek, litlgeeks was re-introduced to the latest version of the 3Doodler.  What the heck is a 3Doodler?  You can draw stuff into reality.  Interested?  Read on friends!


With this years 3Doodler (coming next month for $49.99), real life 3D artists get a wireless pen that is cool to the touch, with bio degradable, plastic that is re-moldable!  Wet the material and you can use your hands to make something new with it!  Put the material in the ground, 45 – 60 days later, poof, gone! Bio-Degraded!

Speaking for the litlgeeks, I can say that the 3Doodler has been one of the nicest surprises of the show for us.  Watching the talented artists at the ThinkGeek booth draw creations into life was mesmerizing and we can’t wait to get our hands on the 3Doodler in 2016!  We are including our images from the floor as well as some great press images that are way fancier than what we can take!

Our Images


Way Better Images


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