Uncle Milton makes incredible stuff.  Popular licenses are expertly executed into incredible educational and scientific toys.  For as long as I have been going to Toy Fair, Uncle Milton has been churning out great stuff like repulsor’s, Arc Reactor puzzles and Jedi Training Academies.  This year, the bar has been raised once again.  Before we dive in though, a special thanks to everyone at Uncle Milton for giving a great walk through and demo!


The Uncle Milton Marvel line received limited expansion this year, getting an ant farm for Ant-Man (it’s definitely cool!) and a Grow and Glow Groot!  Groot looks incredible, movie accurate to represent his end scene self.  Also…he lights up!! This will be mine!


Star Wars

Some very neat Uncle Milton Star Wars stuff this year.  I feel kinda bad for what I’m about to talk about after this, but I must talk about it.  The Jedi Force Trainer gets an upgrade in 2015.  Made to look like a Jedi temple, placing an iPad, Android tablet or Kindle on top of the temple screen down will interact with a lens built into the temple roof to display a holographic image in the middle of the temple.  Then, through the use of a head piece with 2 contact points (as opposed to the previous versions three), you interact with the hologram engaging in activities like force pushing droids, or raising an X-Wing from a swamp.  The price is the same as the last Force Trainer, and you will see it on shelves in 2015.

Also to support Star Wars, an incredible X-Ray type targeting game.  First, you apply a partially transparent print to a piece on the wall.  Then, you illuminate the print with a Millenium Falcon light gun.  Pull the print away, and you can see that it has left it’s mark on the wall.  You can then use the Falcon to fire at targets left by the print.

Up next, the Jedi Force Levitator. It comes with a few feather light targets and emits a  breeze to keep it a float for hours of fun.

Rounding out the Star Wars line, the Holocron.  In conjunction with, the Holocron allows you to pick a person place or thing from the first 6 Star Wars films, and the Holocron will guess, and the objective is to outsmart it.  Also, it’s well designed and emits eerie red or blue light.  So even if you don’t want to ask it something, Jedi nightlight anyone?  Check it out Fall 2015.


Frozen and More

Uncle Milton has a ton of great Frozen stuff, tons of light ups that are a must for any Frozen fan.  Have a look at the gallery to see what you’ll be buying your little Frozen fan this year.

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