Spin Master has been around for a long time.  They have been making great toys for a long time.  This year though…they are making more than just toys.  I mean, they are making Paw Patrol toys, which are very very popular in my house, but we are going to cover that in a different post.  This year at Toy Fair, Spin Master is making…robots.

Meccano and Meccanoid

First on our tour (after Paw Patrol), was the Meccano display.  Meccano is the worldwide brand name for what we call in the states,  Erector (set).  Tons of kits were on display, all gorgeous, all enticing, but none could hold a candle to Meccanoid.  It’s a robot.  It works with an app. It can see your face.  Meccanoid comes in two flavors, G15 KS at around $400 and the G15 at less than that, because it’s smaller.  It releases in Fall.  The robots code is open source, which means someone who knows how to write code has endless possibilities.  It’s also simple to work with, so someone who doesn’t know how to write code can still have a lot of fun! It’s computing engine is called a Meccabrain, it’s four foot tall, and we as humanity are done for.

Tech Decks

Next up, we got a look at Tech Decks.  Your favorite skateboards for your fingers…or action figures, tons of licenses available!


How To Train Your Dragon

Spin Master also showed off it’s How to Train your Dragon licensing muscle with a display of toys that you can find on shevles today in support of the movies and shows.



After the decks, we got a look at a new App-to-life playset called SickBricks.  The app is free, the Bricks are blind bagged real world purchases.  Each Brick has it’s own unique look and power set, and you can stack up to three and roam the SickBricks world.

Batman Spy Gear

Spin Master is the company that brings you Spy Gear.  This year, the game has been stepped up with Batman!!  In 2015 you can pick up the Batman Utility belt from Spy Gear with all sorts of epic gadgets. You can get the belt with no gadgets, the belt with all gadgets, and gadgets on their own.  Check them out in the Gallery!


Air Hogs

Next in the line up is Air Hogs.  This year we get a brand new amazingly agile Air Hog with assistive control and slow burn descend that will make piloting your drone easier than ever!  USB charging is built in and there is a fantastic durable exoframe.  It will be available in Spring for $49.99.



Zoomer has all sorts of fun stuff going on in 2015, and it’s all about the kitties!  Zoomer Kitty plays all sorts of games, with toys, and does all sorts of great tricks.



The DigiBirds line will be getting an udpate this year with Penguins!!


Sew Cool and Knits Cool

It was great to watch the Knits Cool craft kit / toy demoed for us.  We got to see a piece of a scarf done in just a few seconds with 2 poles and a bunch of looping yarn!



Bunchems are like little burrs that walk into your house with your pets.  But these are bright, colorful, and stick together to make stuff.  The fun here is endless, the ease of use is epic, and these are going to be the next amazing desktoy and so much more!


Kinetic Sand

Kineitc sand goes metallic in 2015 and gets playsets!  It never dries out, but a themed sandbox, sign me up!



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