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Another Toy Fair first for, we found ourselves on the right side of the walls at the Lego Booth to check out Lego Star Wars, DC and Marvel upcoming products for 2015.  We also got an up-close look at Scooby-Doo sets too!  We would like to extend our undying gratitude to the team at Lego for having us down to the booth, we are honored and realize what a privilege it was, and we hope that you all enjoy what we have learned and photographed for you!

Star Wars

Lego Star Wars is reliable for being absolutely awesome.  What was most exciting here though was really what wasn’t shown.  Of course, Episode 7 sets.  nothing on display, only mentioned in whispers.  We did get to see a few upcoming sets, Naboo Star Fighter, Death Star Final Duel set, Imperial Assault Carrier and a Speeder set.  We also got a look at the buildable characters for Luke and Darth Vader which are very pleasing to the eye.  Otherwise the display was largely show casing released items.  We should hear more about Episode 7 sets as the long months up to the films release wear on.



Lego has all the comic guns out, tons of characters are featured in sets in support of Justice League, and some neat new play mechanics are introduced.  Demoed live was a plastic stand that, when a figure is on it, and the stand is pressed, you can essentially fling / flip the figure flying through the air!  Many sets on display for DC are already released, but check out the Joker’s Funhhouse, coming in August!



Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, a Jedi fears not these things…he builds Lego playsets out of them!  Hulkbuster, Avengers Tower, sets shipping in March, check out the images!!  These are engineered from movie screen grabs folks!  Let the speculation continue!



It was big, huge news a few months back that Lego had secured the rights to produce Scooby-Doo Lego sets.   The line starts shipping in August and features all of your favorite characters and villains along with spooky playsets and the Mystery Machine!

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