One week ago, the litlgeeks had never heard of TTPM.  After yesterday, they will never forget.  Check out the video for all of the fun that the litlgeeks had at TTPM’s 2016 Spring Showcase.  Thousands of toys were on display for play and fun, and the litlgeeks left with a ton of great toys too!! Thank you to Litsky PR and for having us down to the show!

TTPM had a ton of awesome exhibitors showing off great toys.  The litlgeeks got to play with almost everything, but we didn’t get video of everything, so keep scrolling for a quick look and description from each exhibitor we got to visit!

…but before we get rolling, for folks who have no idea what TTPM is (because before this year, we didn’t).  TTPM is a great site for parents to go learn about toys and more for their children, two legged, four legged, furry or not.  Review videos, ratings, TTPM has it all.  What is the TTPM Spring Showcase?  A convention like setting where TTPM brings together a bunch of toy brands.  These toy brands show off their toys to media and, I think buyers, but I’m not sure.  Each exhibitor got a reasonable sized space or table and they had their toys on display.  Some were for play, some were for display only.  …I don’t think the litlgeeks cared which were for which and no one really had signs up, so not our bad!    The litlgeeks had a lot of fun and are so thankful to have been invited.  We are so happy we get to share this experience with you, let’s check out some more fun.


Getting There

To get to TTPM, the litlgeeks took the train.  The litlgeeks love the train!


Got There

The litlgeeks arrived at TTPMs 2016 Spring Showcase.  They were greeted with free t-shirts, photo ops, free breakfast, and a press conference introducing all of TTPMs 2016 Spring favorites! litlgeek zombie was a little tired, he didn’t make it through the press conference.



What litlgeek doesn’t love waterguns!  Alex had some great weapons of splash destruction on display, a hand gun and a massive sub machine style water gun with amazing range!




Bandai is the home of the Power Rangers, a litlgeeks favorite, but for TTPM the Finding Dory and Miraculous products were on display.  The Miraculous toys were great, but the kids were most stoked about all the fun stuff coming from Finding Dory.




Blip came to play with some awesome “Toys to Food” wares.  The neatest of which was a little teenie tiny baby smores maker!




Disney is the owner of nearly all the things that litlgeeks love, Star Wars, Finding Dory, Marvel, and they had some great toys to show off.




Hasbro is an MUReview and litlgeeks favorite.  They make all of our favorite Marvel toys, and at TTPM they showed off their epic Civil War role play items, both on the show floor and outside at the Civil War bus (keep scrolling for that action).  Hasbro has a ton of other great properties and toys though, their Nerf display was awesome fun for all.  Hasbro also brought out products from Play-Doh, Descendants, Rebelle and more!



Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific brought out their Tsum Tsum game for all the little fans.  New Tsum Tsum play patterns are exciting kids around the globe and we were glad to see what was coming.  Most exciting from Jakks though, an RC Michelangelo on a skateboard…yes please!!



Just Play

Just Play has one of the hottest properties of 2016 in the Lion Guard, the TV show spiritual successor of the Lion King film series.  Just Play already has their toys on shelves so you can pick them up, but to mention, really great Lion Guard figures and a very in depth play set experience with the Lion Guard Jungle Play Set.




Lego showed off a wide variety of built Lego kits as well as an awesome banner of a bunch of Star Wars Lego mini figures.  Being the parent of 4 and 6 year old litlgeeks, I can safely say that there is nothing they can’t build and enjoy with Lego, such an incredible staple.



Little Kids Inc.

Little Kids Inc. is bringing to market, the tastiest bubbles I have ever eaten.  Edible bubbles.  Boom, there I said it.  You can find Candylicious Bubbles in stores now!




So so sorry for how few pictures we have of Mattel.  I didn’t realize it, but we spent a lot more time capturing video at their awesome, massive booth!  Mattel had a great setup of Hot Wheels car tracks in all different varieties for kids to have fun with, and the litlgeeks did!  We are so thankful for the awesome sample set of their Hot Wheels Track Builder kit.  We have already had so much fun with it!




Moose makes Shopkins.  I could pretty much stop right there.  Shopkins were an unbelievable runaway hit and they still have a ton of momentum going into 2016 with Season 5!  They also have Little Live Pets, which made such a big impression on the litlgeeks that they went out yesterday and bought a Little Live Turtle!




Nickelodeon is a constant in the litlgeeks house.  We are Paw Patrol fans, we are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, Power Rangers too!! On display at TTPM was just about anything you can imagine from Turtles or Paw Patrol, figures, playsets, umbrellas, and a powered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ride on Party Wagon?!?! (more on that later).




Speaking of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, did you hear they have a movie coming out this year?  Playmates did, and they are bringing out some amazing toys to support the new, sure to be blockbuster!  We get brand new figures, a brand new Shell Raiser, and THE TECHNODROME!!



Schwinn, Kid Trax, and more

Dorel Sports was on the show floor featuring all sorts of ride-ables and ride-ons, the most notable of which…for the litlgeeks anyway, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon (powered!).  It will be out around June, $199 and…it will be epic.



Spin Master

Did we mention the litlgeeks love Paw Patrol?  Spin Master has serviced the Paw Patrol brand with some amazing toys, and they continue to surpise.  Also added to the Spin Master portfolio for 2016 is The Secret Life of Pets.  I feel like this is going to be the kid favorite of the year and so does Spin Master, with a ton of great action figure style toys showing off all the main characters.  Not displayed, but discussed…the BB-8 life size RC droid.  We should see it at the end of summer for around $199.



Super Impulse

Super Impulse had one of our favorite toys from Toy Fair 2016, and it popped up again at TTPM, the RBS rubber band gun system.  This impressive and laser accurate rubber band gun series is top notch and crazy affordable topping out at under $30 for a full blown sniper rifle!  Also by Super Impulse the “Worlds Smallest” toy line, recreating some of your favorite toys of all time, but really small.




litlgeeks first stop was the Tomy setup.  litlgeek ninja LOVES him some Pokemon, so this was an absolute must.  Some awesome Pokemon plush and anniversary toys were on display!  Also on display from Tomy, toys from one of the biggest hit  movies of the year so far, Zootopia!




TPF is awesome.  The people at TPF are some of our favorites!  For the first time in their lives, the litlgeeks got to play ping pong with bubbles.  Read that sentence again, I’m not going to write it again, just read it again.  It’s a real thing you can do.  Today, you can go to the store and buy Paddle Bubble, and you should.  You should also buy Splashlings!



Toys R Us

Toys R Us isn’t just a store, not just where you buy toys.  Toys R Us is a destination.  It is a right of passage.  It is home for toy lovers world wide.  It was also where we found incredible science and educational toys.  An interactive globe you can click a wand over locations and learn a bunch about that location.  A full blown liquid science kit.  It is an exciting time to be a litlgeek!



Uncle Milton

Speaking of educational toys, Uncle Milton has been delivering big on great toys for ages.  This year, the ant farm celebrates it’s major anniversary with Uncle Milton.  They are bringing out Star Wars themed ant farms!!  The Finding Dory themed fun was also on display with great, kid-friendly room lights!




Universal brought out all of The Secret Life of Pets toys that they could fit in a large trailer, from Funko Pops, to plush, to magnets.  This movie is going to be a runaway hit and Universal is gearing up to let you hang out with your favorite characters!




Never heard of Vuly before.  They make really awesome trampolines though.  No springs, mega safe…maybe a little tough for a 275lb man to get in and out of, but once he was in, he could jump like a kid…and he did.  There was video…he’s me.   I’m not showing you the video.  EVER.  But you should check out Vuly Trampolines!




It’s weird that Zing comes last…because Z is the last letter in the alphabet, but I’d wager to say the litlgeeks had the most fun at the Zing booth.  Zing has this game, you may have heard of, Wet Head.  It’s basically Russian roulette with a helmet full of water.  You pull out sticks from the helmet until you get wet.  Who doesn’t love that?!  Also at Zing, one of litlgeek ninja’s TTPM favorites, Stickbots.  Highly poseable figures that you can put against an included green screen (box / packaging / kit) and record stop motion video through a companion app.  These little figures are sure to inspire!



TTPM Toy Awards

On Display for all to see were all the great toys awarded by TTPM.



The Hasbro Marvel Civil War Bus

One of the most fun parts of the day was walking out of TTPM and being greeted by the Hasbro Civil War bus.  Outside of the bus were great toys on display and a chance to take a picture in some awesome role play gear as Captain America and Iron Man.  On the bus, a ton of Civil War toys for all the kids to play with!


Going Home

The litlgeeks and MUReview had an awesome time at TTPM and going home, we were all wiped.  Just a little train fun, but keep scrolling to have a close look at all the great free toys we got!



All The Free Toys We Got!

Thank you to all the exhibitors.  When we walked in there was an amazing table of gifts called “the gifting table”.  When you met up with an exhibitor and talked about their toys, they’d give you a card to take to the gifting table.  There, they would hand you a toy for each card you handed them.  A little work for some awesome toys, but it added a fun scavenger hunt feel to the day!

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