Tech 4 Kids, a leader in delivering ‘wow’ in educational and innovative toys for kids, is thrilled to launch Fright FactoryTM- the disgustingly terrifying way to create all kinds of creepy creatures!

Make scary 3D creations with Fright FactoryTM! Use the special light curing EwwGooTM gel to fill creepy molds and then flash them with the eerie light from the Fright Factory Creature Creator. Kids can create creepy centipedes, scary scorpions, gross spiders and more! There is no heat, no glue and no mess! Fright FactoryTM uses an ultra-safe LED light to develop your creations. Gels are quick curing, non-toxic and kid friendly, making for a disgustingly terrifying good time!


“When playing with Fright Factory, kids are doing so much more than creating a creepy creation” said Brad Pederson, President and CEO, Tech 4 Kids. “They’re having fun, scaring friends, and letting creativity flow with the special EwwGoo while doing so! With all kinds of creepy creation possibilities and EwwGoo gel colors to pick from, Fright Factory is guaranteed fun; all while providing children the opportunity to be imaginative. ”

Fright FactoryTM is recommended for children ages 6+. The Creature Creator playset retails at $24.99, and is a great way to frighten friends and family! Refill packs of the EwwGoo are sold separately in a selection of colors. The possibilities are endless when playing with Fright Factory, so go ahead and start creating all the terrorizing creatures!


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