litlgeeks went to Blogger Bash this year.  One of the most fun parts of Blogger Bash, Sweet Suite!  A gathering of great bloggers, good food and drink, and most importantly, toy companies showing us all that is coming out for the holiday!  We had a great time, met a lot of great people, saw a TON of old friends in the toy biz, and we are thrilled to be able to share it all with you.

Make sure you check out our Blogger Bash 2016 coverage here!  Also, keep your eye out for links to expanded posts about some of the companies we got to talk to at Sweet Suite.



Lego had an awesome display at Sweet Suite, featuring a ton of great Star Wars toys as well as some awesome licensed comic action heroes!  Click here to read more about Lego at Sweet Suite 2016.



MUReview and litlgeeks got to talk to Magformers at Toy Fair 2016 where they showed us their exciting line of products featuring magnetized pieces that fold up and together into exciting shapes.  At Sweet Suite they gave us a glimpse of new Half Shell Heroes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magformers and walking robots!



Mattel always brings the fun to a toy show!  Featuring Minions Mega Bloks, Blaze, WWE Pin a Superstar figures, DC Super Hero Girls, and something the litlgeeks have been excited about for a while, brand new Imaginext playsets we can’t wait for Super Hero Flight City in the Fall!!



Tomy has the “it” license of 2016 and they brought out some great toys to show off at Sweet Suite.  Click here to see all that Tomy had to offer, hint… It’s Pokemon!


Jakks Pacific

If Tomy has the “it” license, Jakks definitely has the “it” product line in Tsum Tsum.  Stores can’t keep them on the shelves!  Check out full coverage here.


Future Of Play

The Future Of Play booth had a ton of fun stuff going on, starting with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Battlesnap game.  Come back to MUReview and litlgeeks for a full review on the fun game that turns figures into cards!   Also on display were the MagicMeeMees.  Cute little figures that interact with food and with each other.  Guess what?!  Thanks to the fantastic folks at Future Of Play, you will find a review / unboxing of MagicMeeMees on litlgeeks too!



Hasbro is one of the few toy companies that had a presence at both Sweet Suite and the Blogger Bash New Product Expo the following day.  They brought a ton of great stuff and you can click here to go check it out.



WowWee showed off CHip at Sweet Suite and we were impressed!  We even caught some video footage.  Hopefully in the coming months we get the chance to bring you a full review of CHiP, an impressive interactive dog that can be controlled by voice and wrist band!  Also on display, some really awesome drones and their adorable little robot used to learn to code, COJI.


Spin Master

Spin Master is home to the Paw Patrol toy line.  Paw Patrol is massive in the MUReview / litlgeeks house and with good reason.  It is a good children’s show teaching values and problem solving skills.  The toy line by Spin Master does it incredible justice.  Spin Master has more than just Paw Patrol though.  Check out expanded coverage here.


Activision / Skylanders

Activision has a monster hit waiting in the wings with Skylanders Imaginators.  They even announced a brand new figure at Sweet Suite.  Click here to see full coverage.



Old friend of MUReview, Tech4Kids was hanging out at the show showing off their new Gemmies creative toy line.  As seen in the picture, one of the young ladies at the table was showing off a dress fully covered in Gemmies.  Think about that…a toy you can buy, and make a dress pretty with?  That’s pretty cool!



The good folks at FUN 2 PLAY TOYS walked us through some of their awesome Emojiez brand.  Emojiez brings emojis to life them to life in plush and plastic.  Check back at for a full review of Emojiez items like Buddiez and Plushiez!


Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company wasn’t showing off teddy bears..but Doodle Dome!  The Doodle Dome is a tent.  On the inside of the tent, you can use the included special pen to write in glow in the dark ink.  Even more awesome, the ink will disappear, so you can keep writing and drawing infinitely! Check back at for a full review of Doodle Dome (hopefully!)!  Beveryly Hills Teddy Bear Company was also letting folks in on Surprizimals.  Bringing adorable plush animals to the blind box crazy!  Check them out at!



Super Impulse

World’s Smallest introduced some great new toys, check out the images below and litlgeeks review of a few World’s Smallest toys.

Also in attendance with Super Impulse was the creator of the RBS Rubber Band gun System.  We’ve talked about that before too, we love it.  Go buy it!


Bearington Collection

You might have caught the litlgeeks review of Whiffer Sniffers.  Adorable plush characters that smell like what they are.  They all smell delicious and series 3 is coming soon!  Banana, Lemon, Mixed Fruit.  Cute characters, wonderful smell, keep your eyes out for more reviews!




Jazzwares brought out the fun for little little kids, litlgeeks, and even less litlgeeks.  For the young youngs, not pictured, but remember Weebles?  They still exist, they are still adorable.

For the next step up, Jazwares has the license for the red hot Peppa Pig children’s show and they do an outstanding job of servicing fans of the show with adorable, fun playing toys and play sets.

For ages 7 and up, we have Animal Jam.  A toy line in conjunction with National Geographic.  It features collectible, adorable animals.  Animals come in different sizes, play sets are available, and you have a game code with each animal that can be used to play the Animal Jam game for Android, iOS and on the web.


Auldey Toys

Auldey pulled out all the Super Wings stops for Sweet Suite, showing off playsets, figures, and they even brought along a Jett in full costume.  The highlight for me was the transforming toys.  Very cool! Very easy to transform!


Uncle Milton

We love seeing our friends at Uncle Milton.  They always bring out new and innovative toys that challenge children to think and learn while they play.  This year, no different.  Star Wars Force Spinners Magnetic Lab will teach kids about the power of magnetism.  Also featured, their Ant Farm line up.  We got another good look at the VR play sets featuring space and dinosaurs.  Real world play that blends into VR play!  Uncle Milton also showed off it’s growing collection of beautiful room lights!



With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on fire in 2016, Playmates has a persistent slam dunk.  It’s still a challenge to complete our full size Ninja Turtle collection.  This year they have introduced stacking Turtles, T-Blasters, and more awesome Half Shell Heroes figures and playsets.  Click here for full coverage.


Blip Toys

You may remember Blip Toys from Squinkies do’ Drops.  litlgeeks does! Blip was showing off more Squinkies play sets, some real world food creation sets, and some awesome new gun / racing toys.  Gun / racing toys, yep.  Street Shots Racers.  Take one of the Street Shots, place it in the gun, rev the gun.  Put the gun angled on a flat surface and fire off your racer into a world of stunt play!




Lego Dimensions

Lego Dimensions hit Christmas time 2015 and it has exploded ever since, growing it’s exceptional library of characters and play sets for players to build and get lost in in a digital world.  Nothing new announced for Lego Dimensions at Sweet Suite, but we did get a look at coming expansion packs and game play.  Check out images for Harry Potter, Gremlins and more! Lego Dimensions



Zing brought fan favorites Stikbots and Wet Head to Sweet Suite.  We already love them.  Also at the Zing table, Entennmann’s and Sara Lee treats.  It was great seeing our friends at Zing, and just as great eating yummy Little Bites and donuts!



Unfortunately we didn’t get any face time with our friends at Bandai, but we do have some images of their red hot Miraculous toy line.  Check them out!


Thames & Kosmos

Before this show, didn’t know who Thames & Kosmos was.  After, I’m a huge fan.  As shown in the images below, you’ll find what I think might be the most awesome toy of the show, Happy Atoms.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved most of what I saw, a lot of great toys, a lot of great educational opportunities.  Happy Atoms though took education and fun to the next level by using physical toys, mixing with digital mediums and pouring in a ton of education about a topic that is often overlooked because it can be so intimidating.  Chemistry.  Happy Atoms comes in a few different levels of kits offering various numbers of molecules and bonds that allow the player to link together molecules.  Once a molecule is complete, they can scan it into an app and learn about what they have created.  Going further, the player is brought to a molecule map that guides play and education.  Also to note, there is an Indiegogo campaign out to support the game, which is already set for production, so it will be made funded or not.


Modarri / Ozobot / Reactorz / Geosmart

One of the last tables of the day that we got to visit had an awesome spread of various brands in one place.

Ozobot is the worlds smallest programmable robot.  You write your code on paper or on a tablet, and the Ozobot follows the lines of code that you draw.  Clever, innovative and educational.

Modarri is a kit of customizable race cars and parts.  Well made, metal and plastic, these are sure to provide hours of fun to young and old builders alike.

Geosmart Geosphere provides click and connect building fun for all ages. GeoSmart Toys

Reactorz is a line of light up balls that flash light driven by motion.  Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, they have a ball for everyone! Coop Sports


Tangle Nightball Collection

The Tangle Nightball collection brings light to the night of sports fun with light up balls for just about every sport. Tangle Creations



Thank you to all of the awesome vendors that took time to walk us through their exciting product lineups.  I hope everyone had some fun reading this, because we had a blast at Sweet Suite 16 and we can’t wait for 17!

Now check out pictures of the boat!!

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