Sweet Suite 2016 came at a weird time for us….a time of Pokemon Go!  Probably the craziest launch of any app / game ever.  litlegeeks…well?  We are on board, full steam ahead.  In fact, litlninja, the older litlgeek has been on the Pokemon train since he was about 4.  On this train, you best believe we have a health stash of Pokemon cards, video games, and of course, TONS of toys, all from our friends at Tomy…well, they made them.  We bought them.  It’d be awesome if we could review some Tomy Pokemon toys in the future, they have a ton of great stuff coming out, including Throw ‘N’ Pop Poke Balls and an interactive My Friend Pikachu Pikachu!  If you want to check out all the Tomy info, hit up Tomy.com.

Outside of Pokemon, Tomy has some awesome Zootopia toys, John Deere licensed Monster Treads, tons of great Miles from Tomorrowland, and GearForce HorsePower toys!  Please feel free to dive into the rest in the gallery.  You can also check out more Sweet Suite coverage here!



Zootopia and More

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