It was an honor to be invited to come down to Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite 2016.  To then, receive a massive box of goodies after it was over.  That is something else entirely.  Now, unfortunately we can’t do an unboxing of each item, because the excitement was too intense and everything was ripped open immediately, but I did get some pictures, we did get a video of taking everything out of the big box, and we are thrilled to share it with you.  Check below the video for product details and images!


Take out a closer look at all the great products featured in this awesome Sweet Suite Swag Box!  Thank you to all the sponsors and vendors for sending us this great stuff.


Fun light up the night balls for all sports.  Check them out at



Gemlins are adorable little anthropomorphic gems, cute, collectible, and you can make a bracelet out of em!  Check out more info at



The TUL is a pretty sweet gel pen from Office Depot.  It’s not a toy, but I like pens.  Check em out at


Grossery Gang

A fun play on the gross stuff in your fridge.  These Grossery Gang toys are cute and very cleverly packed.   Check them out at


Littlest Pet Shop

These adorable little pets from the Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop line bring the cutes!



Miraculous is a new show that is coming soon about a girl who gets ladybug powers.  It looks like fun! Check out Zag Heroz for more.


Babypalooza Bag

Not so much toys, but great useful baby items from Babypalooza 2016…including Butt Paste!  Can’t get enough of that!



The Tangle that we’ve been playing with since Toy Fair 2016 is back and they just keep getting bigger.



A fancy water bottle and t-shirt with a USB stick filled with all sorts of great information about Dynacraft.  Check em at



littlemissmatched sent us some fun socks and a notebook that the litlgeeks were very excited about!



Woofpup sent us this awesome Frisbee for our puppies!



A fun brain twisting game in a very neat little travel case…that is…if you can figure it out! Thanks Smart Games!


Thing two and Thing One Whirly Fun! Game

Already opened, already played this great game about making and cleaning messes!   Learn more at



From USAOpoly, Rollers is all about the chips!


The Rose King

Play out the War of the Roses in this classic strategy game by Thames and Kosmos.


Happy Salmon

Check out this frantic and fun card game from North Star Games.


V-Tech Go!Go! Smart Friends

Fun interactive figures for kids that interact with playsets and make all sorts of fun sounds.


Crayola My Way

Make your own Crayola box with Crayola My Way!



With Stikbots, you can pose and create fun pictures and stop motion videos from Zing Toys!


Yoga Spinner

From Think Fun, teach your kids into all sorts of fun and healthy stretch poses!


Moose Caboose

Winning Moves gives us this fun match and collect animal card game.


Kate & Mi-Mim Flight of the Flowers

This fun DVD from Disney JR. features colorful characters and wholesome family viewing.



Adorable, collectible babies!



Bringing adorable sea creatures into the world of tiny collectible play fun!



Playmates continues to bring fun and innovative play to the Teenage Mutant Ninjat Turtles world.  Check out T-Machines and more at

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