SwapBots can be pre-ordered here: https://www.swapbots.co/preorder

SwapBots, the AR (augmented reality) toy and video game, has reached 100% of its funding target on Kickstarter. Promising a new form of interaction between physical play and a mobile game, the news of their Kickstarter success comes hot on the heels of the team behind SwapBots being highlighted by a Silicon Valley report that identifies the organisations shaking up the burgeoning world of AR.

To play SwapBots all you need is a tablet or smartphone and the toy – there are no expensive hardware interfaces and the free accompanying app eschews in-app purchases and ads. The player simply points the camera at the Bot to see it come to life, giving the appearance that the video game has broken out of the screen and arrived into the real world.

SwapBots co-founder John Keefe says, “We are delighted that SwapBots is fully funded with plenty of time left for others to join the party and grab themselves some of the first wave of toys.”

Delivery of the first packs of toys to backers is expected in the summer with retail sales set to start later in 2017.

Following the runaway success of Pokemon Go, augmented reality has become one of the focus areas of development for children’s products. SwapBots combines toys with a video game to create a new form of play that brings physical and digital together.

Draw & Code, the immersive technology studio that founded SwapBots, have been named in a leading report on augmented reality. Nestling between Pokemon Go developers Niantic and Star Wars’ BB8’s creators Sphero in the list, their appearance in Super Ventures’ AR Landscape 2017 is another sign that SwapBots could be on the verge of breaking through into the mainstream.

Augmented reality is one of the hottest technologies in the world today and sector experts Super Ventures have plotted the ‘AR Landscape’ to guide readers through the companies shaping this fast-moving industry. Super Ventures is the world’s first dedicated augmented reality incubator and early-stage venture fund. Based in downtown San Francisco, the partners in Super Ventures are some of the most experienced minds in the growing AR industry.

SwapBots CMO Phil Charnock says, “Augmented reality has the power to turn any surface into an interactive and animated one, making it ideal to form the basis of a truly tactile and compelling toy and game that bridges the physical and digital divide, something that Super Ventures have acknowledged with our inclusion in their report.”

The full AR Landscape infographic was published on Venture Beat, detailing where the investment opportunities lie within the industry. Draw & Code, the studio behind SwapBots, are singled out as one of the most investible and influential groups using AR in the toy and game space today.

SwapBots co-founder John Keefe adds, “SwapBots was conceived over a few drinks after exhibiting our augmented reality prototypes in Silicon Valley – it’s incredible to now be mentioned in such influential company by our peers.”

There is still time to preorder SwapBots and be one of the first to get hold of this unique toy. Head to www.swapbots.co/preorder to see more.



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