Up until December 8th, you can visit Auldey’s facebook page where you can enter for a chance to win a Super Wings toys prize pack along with a $100 travel voucher!

Super Wings follows a red plane named Jett whose mission is to deliver packages to children around the world, helping them solve problems creatively and teaching them a bit about different cultures and countries.

The Holiday season is a time for family, friends and fun, and Auldey Toys understands the importance of travel and how it connects us all. Let’s help Jett deliver some holiday cheer and make this season even sweeter.


Product Name:  Super Wings™ Transforming Characters

Description:  Super Wings™, transform! These 5-inch scale Super Wings™ figures are fully articulated and transform from plane to robot mode (and back) in 10 easy steps.  The challenge is fun for kids of different ages.  Watch as they master the transformation and re-enact their favorite missions from the popular TV show, or create their own new adventures with their imagination. No batteries required. 

MSRP: $9.99

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Product Name:  Super Wings™ Transform-a-Bots 4Pk

Description:  Super Wings™ – we deliver!  Transform these 4 Super Wings minifigures from planes to robots in 3 easy steps. Each character transforms a little differently, according to their unique form. Transform-a-bots™ are perfect for reenacting favorite missions from the popular Super Wings TV show. 







Product Name: 
Super Wings™ Flying Friends Plush  MSRP: $11.99

Description:  Super soft, Super cute. Super Wings™!  Made from premium velboa with embroidered detail, this cozy plush will be a hit with any Super Wings fan. Kids can reenact their favorite missions from the popular TV show with this plush friend, or imagine new adventures of their own. Collect them all to build a super-soft Super Wings team,

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