The litlgeeks are going to TTPM 2017 this week, but here is a preview of what will be on display from our friends at ZING!!

Thumb Chucks:

CONTROL THE ROLL! Thumb Chucks from Zing are the newest and coolest skill toy for the ultimate finger rollin’ fun!

Twirl, flip and twist Thumb Chucks around your fingers to perform awesome tricks. Two high-bounce plastic ‘Chucks’ are connected with a ‘belt’ and fit right in your pocket. Kids can master a wide range of tricks from intermediate to advanced. Thanks to the built-in motion-sensitive LED lights, the Chucks glow in the dark for the ultimate light show. Check out Thumb Chucks here!

The new free Thumb Chucks app, available on iOS and Android, includes over 20+ tutorials that teach users a variety of mind-blowing tricks. The app also includes an easy-to-use recording feature with built-in special effects to enhance and personalize Thumb Chucks videos.

Users can share their videos on social media and join the Thumb Chucks community. Kids with mad Thumb Chuck skills can show Zing using #ThumbChucks and be rewarded with custom belts. The more kids master, the more belts they can collect. Learn how to earn special belts by going to ThumbChucks.Toys.

Thumb Chucks are available in red, orange, green and blue.

Age: 5+          Available: Now         US: $7.99 CA: $10.00


Blast Box:

APPROACH WITH CAUTION! Blast Box from Zing is a new balloon explosion game that combines both suspense and strategy for an unpredictable “burst” of fun!  Check out Blast Box here!

Begin by blowing up one balloon for each player using the included inflator. Next, tuck the balloons under the Blast Box. Players then use the spinner (or the free Blast Box app, available on iOS and Andriod and loaded with fun trivia questions) to determine how many pins to hammer into box. BUT WATCH OUT! Players must choose their pin placement carefully or else one of the balloons will P-O-P and they’ll be blasted out of the game! The player to successfully avoid the explosion of air has mastered the #BlastBoxChallenge and is the winner!

Friends and family can record and share every blasting moment of fun by using #BlastBoxChallenge.

Blast Box comes with 1 Blast Box, 1 hammer, 100 balloons, 1 balloon pump, 30 plastic pins, 1 spinner and 20 easy tie balloon clips.

Age: 4+         Available: Spring 2017        US: $19.99 CA: $25.00


Stikbot Pets:

Built on the tremendous success of Stikbot, Zing now introduces Stikbot Pets! With nearly 200 million views on YouTube, Stikbot continues turn kids into creative stop-motion animation moviemakers, bringing imagination to life.  Check them out here!

Tapping into the pop culture phenomenon, Stikbot Pets brings creating, watching and sharing viral pet videos to a whole new level. Stikbot fans can now include their favorite four legged friends in their stop-motion films.

Stikbot Pets are easy-to-pose figures built with suction cup hands and feet that can stick to almost any flat surface.  From dogs and cats to pandas and monkeys, animals and pets can now be the stars of the show! With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options.  Users can share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world! 

Stikbot Pets are available now in StikBulldog, StikCat, StikDog, StikMonkey. StikCow, StikHorse, StikGorilla and StikBear will be available summer of 2017.  Each Stikbot Pet is available in brown, red, blue and green.

Each Stikbot Pets Single comes with one Stikbot Pet.

Age: 4+   Available: Now   US: $4.99 CA: $6.00













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