Available in February!

Pop! Movies: Kung Fu Panda

Skadoosh! Kung Fu Panda Pop! figures are coming soon!

Po’s not just a big fat Panda, he’s THE big fat panda,
ready to karate chop with, or without, his hat!

Master Tigress, a member of the Furious Five,
is also here to fight along Po as a loyal friend and ally.

Available in February!

Pop! Movies: Shrek

These Pop! figures are like onions!

The unlikely, yet classic duo Shrek and Donkey
will vanquish any foe to stand in their way!

Don’t make the cat angry! Puss in Boots’ thirst
for adventure will never be quenched!

 Collect all three in-time for Shrek’s fifteenth anniversary!

Available in February!

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