Shimano Opens its First Urban Concept Store at 473 W Broadway in New York where Customers can Experience New Urban Concept Component Systems ALFINE, METREA and STEPS

NEW YORK (June 23, 2017) – Shimano Inc. today opens its doors to the company’s very first pop-up urban concept store known as SHIMANO BIKE NYC. Visitors to the store, which is located in the downtown SoHo area of New York City, will have the exclusive opportunity to experience first-hand 33 brand new urban-style bicycles equipped with Shimano’s new ALFINE, METREA and STEPS component systems.

“We are very excited to bring these new bike concepts to New Yorkers, especially as we find that more and more city dwellers are seeking quality, innovative products to help them lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Ryan Miller, senior manager of SHIMANO USA. “I am confident that each beautifully designed bike will appeal to not only the loyal, die-hard cycling community, but newcomers as well. These new component systems are perhaps our best yet, combining the most innovative technology and design with the latest cycling advancements.”

The 33 bikes on display each combine one of the new component systems from Shimano – ALFINE, METREA or STEPS – with a high-quality, well-designed frame from a prestigious bike manufacturer, among them: Moots, Seven Cycles, LandShark, Cryptic Cycles, 8bar, Trek, Opus, Raleigh, Schindelhauer Bikes and Evil Bike. Each Shimano group-set offers a different style of cycling based on the rider’s needs, such as a new commuting method or way to exercise on the go.

ALFINE is a high-grade group-set built for the sophisticated urban rider. Along with its premium build quality, ALFINE brings finesse, versatility and effortless operation with an internal-geared drivetrain. Customers can choose from an 8-speed or 11-speed configuration, featuring a clean look and wide gear range that serve to enhance any frame.

METREA brings a new riding style that adopts high-quality construction, sharp and sophisticated textures, and urban riding trends. The Urban Sports category of cycling is fairly new, but is perhaps the most exciting industry development since the emergence of mountain biking. Urban Sport offers a new riding style at a less defined and more relaxed angle, gearing more toward comfort than sportive riding. Derived from the words ‘Metropolitan’ and ‘Real,’ METREA combines the two key Urban Sports concepts, serving as the optimum balance of function and luxury. Stylish components are built to cope with urban riding realities, making METREA the ideal urban sports bike for comfortable daily commuting.

Shimano Total Electric Pedal System, referred to as STEPS, has the power to take you places without the pedaling. The STEPS system delivers energy with each pedal stroke, serving as Shimano’s premier e-bike. Cyclists using STEPS will have the ability to travel a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, being left with more energy to explore, commute and arrive feeling refreshed. In addition to the powerful and easy-to-charge and change battery, the STEPS system offers a silent and lightweight Drive Unit that anticipates your next move for a more natural pedal feeling, as well as easy maneuvering with the push of a button when off the bike. Furthermore, there are three power assist modes offered through STEPS: Eco, Normal and High modes. 

SHIMANO BIKE NYC is now open and located at 473 W Broadway in New York City. Visitors are welcome to tour the store and also have the opportunity to rent select bikes that are not yet on the market, or only available in limited quantity, and test ride in the Bike Lane on West Broadway, at the corner of West Houston. Rentals are $10 an hour and should help consumers to experience the bicycle prior to making a purchase decision. The store will also host several bike tours as well as workshops throughout its two months of operation, with topics including Cycling Fashion; Healthy Lifestyle; What’s in a Bike; and more.

SHIMANO BIKE NYC is open for a limited time Tuesdays through Sundays from 11am to 7pm, and it will close on August 20, 2017. For more information, visit Also connect on social media by following @shimanobikenyc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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