Pop! TV: Felicity Smoak

Felicity fans, we got the message loud and clear!

This brilliant tech genius is beautiful, strong, witty, prone to accidentally
speaking in double-entendres, and did we mention brilliant?

We all know Felicity is the real hero of Arrow!

Add this you-know-what with wifi to your Team Arrow collection today!

Coming in January!

Pop! Marvel: Daredevil TV

Keep Hell’s Kitchen safe with our Daredevil Pop! figures!

Avocado – we mean, attorney – at law, Matt Murdock goes after the shifty Wilson Fisk!

Meanwhile, a heroic masked vigilante is cleaning up the city on his own terms!

Coming in February!

Pocket Pop! Marvel: Daredevil TV

Now you can bring Daredevil everywhere you go!

Our Pocket Pop! Keychain will keep any keyring safe!

Coming in January!

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