litlgeeks immediately put the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 on our panel schedule the second it was announced.  We love LEGO games, we love Marvel Superheroes.  It just makes sense.  We weren’t really prepared for the expansiveness of the roster coming with the game, or for how incredible the story looks!  Let’s check out how the panel shook out.

The panel opened with a trailer.  Kang is in charge. Welcome to Chronopolis.  Who can stand in Kang’s way?  The game is coming out November 14, 2017!

The Panel: Arthur Carson head of design, Bill Roseman executive creative director, Justin Ramden, Peter Sarafanowitz Voice of Kang.

What is Kang’s role?  It allows the theme of the game to go away from saving the earth (on to a much bigger cause).

New trailer shown – Cosmo is in charge rallying the heroes…COSMO!   This is the first time this trailer has been shown.

Now, on to the character reveals!!

  • Grandmaster and Valkyrie from Ragnarok
  • Arizona Annie
  • In this game, players will get info about the characters by in game character cards.
  • Wild west world, sheriff is Modok
  • Captain Avalon
  • Squirrel girl
  • Chipmunk hunk
  • Koi Boi
  • All the Gwens – Spider Gwen / Gwenpool
  • Luke Cage Noir
  • Misty knight
  • Blade
  • Dormammu
  • Phantom Rider
  • Morbious
  • Ghost Rider with his cycle
  • Red Wolf
  • Throg
  • Super Adaptoid
  • Ursa Major
  • Hobgoblin
  • Retro Guardians pack to include Charlie 27, Martinex, Yondu
  • 4 character packs in season pass
    • Hulk 2099
    • Atlas
    • Champions
    • Charlie 27
  • Season pass also has 6 level packs
    • Infinity War
    • Antman and WAsp
    • Cloak and Dagger
    • The Runaways
    • Black Panther
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (classic)
  • Lady spider
  • Hell cow

We can’t wait to get hands on LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 this November!

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