The litlgeeks got to check out the Diamond Select Toys Booth at NYCC 2017!  Minimates! Marvel Select! Amazing statues!  The pictures really tell the whole story so I’m going to let you have at it, but to note, for Ghostbusters Select, Dr. Janosz Poha will be a comic shop exclusive (I think I remembered that right).  More exciting still, the next series will feature “The Real Ghostbusters”!.

Ok, I was going to show you the pictures, but I’m gonna gush for a second.  the Moon Knight statue is 1000x more impressive in person.  All of the premium statues are jaw dropping.  All of the regular statues are jaw dropping.  Justice League!  Beetlejuice Minimates!  Diamond Select Toys is going to have an impatient DJ, MUReview, and litlgeeks in 2018! So much great stuff coming! Shutting up….pictures.

…not shutting up.  We will be posting updates from the DST booth all weekend…and sorry for my fingers in the glare of the pictures. I have them, I need them, I can’t remove them, so you’ll need to deal with them. images used with permission.


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