Hasbro throws a fantastic party.  Tonight was absolutely no different.  The good folks at Litzky PR set the scene with a great venue, great location, beautiful decorations and welcoming smiles.  The rest was the product talking, and talk it did!  Hasbro was showing off some fantastic product lines, Star Wars, Marvel, Yokai Watch, Trolls, Transformers, Nerf.  It was all there, it was all fantastic, and I do not wish to keep it from you any longer….


This is a Marvel site.  If you want to see the Marvel stuff, click HERE.

Star Wars

Star Wars is always a show stealer at whatever show it happens to be.  A wealth of new Rogue One products were shown of course.  The motorized AT-AT Walker, and one of the coolest things I saw at the show, a Gigantic, had to be 3 feet tall, Darth Vader Simon Game!  Keep your eyes on store shelves, most of what is pictured is already out.  Anything that isn’t is coming very very soon!  Special note…the Nerf Star Wars weaponry is…out of this world…see what I did there?



I had a fantastic discussion with the fine folks that bring you Transformers.  It consisted of…man I wish I could also afford an in-depth, expansive Transformers collection.  The team never disappoints with innovative new transformations and play patterns.  This year, it’s two vehicles that basically snap together and click to transform into a single robot.  Check out the video.  On top of that…that blackbird…that Hot Rod…I need so much money!


Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch is chugging along through it’s second season / series and a movie is on the way (already released in Japan).  This adorable and very funny show has an equally adorable and fantastically interactive toy line.  The series 2 watch features a non removable watch cover and a projector that interacts with discs and shows the character they portray.  You have discs, figures, and even a collectible card game.  Keep your eyes on litlgeeks, we are hoping to review some great Yokai stuff for you!



Nerf Accustrike and Rebelle expand their library including some exceptional new weapons…the rifle though…the sweet sweet rifle.



Trolls is coming whether you are ready or not.  I’m talking about the movie, and right along with it, the adorable toy line.  Dolls of all sizes, KRE-O build kits, this movie is well supported, and your kids are gonna love it!


Thanks again to Hasbro and Litzky for showing us a fantastic time, and even more fantastic toys.  I leave you with a few pictures of the event that don’t quite fall into the categories above.

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