First stop along the NYCC express this year…as with most years where I can help it, was the Diamond Select Toys booth to visit friend to MUReview and litlgeeks, Zach!  Zach took us through the booth and the display cases and showed us some incredible stuff.  …it’s all in the pictures so I don’t want to waste too much of your eyeballs on my fancy words, but you have some things to look forward to “soon” to “a little later than soon”.

  • A 15 figure set of Ghost Busters that builds the top of the building from the ends scene of Ghost Busters!
  • Back to the Future Minimates literally out the wazoo, with vehicles!
  • Muppet Minimates
  • More Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates
  • A ton of great Marvel Minimates
  • I want that freaking Green Lantern bank!
  • So many amazing DC property items, bust banks, statues, they are all gorgeous!
  • Jay, Silent Bob, yeah, they got em’.

Thanks for taking the time to have us down DST!  You guys are the best, the new booth looks great, and we will keep visiting just in case you put out some new stuff.


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