Minimates Series 68: Giant Size X-Men

This epic wave of Giant Size X-Men features some of my favorite mutants in my favorite costumes of all time.  I’m thrilled to be able to add the whole roster to my collection, Sunfire, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Banshee, Wolverine and Thunderbird.  Every character is full of win, every deco is fantastic.  What’s more than that…we’ve got extras!  So stay tuned to MUReview and litlgeeks in October, because we will be giving away some X-Men Minimates! ….but not now!  Now, read this great review of Minimates Series 68 Giant Size X-Men

Banshee / Cyclops


The Good:

  • Banshee comes with two awesome faces, one screamy, one happy, both look great.
  • Included voice blast accessory fits perfectly, looks great.
  • Banshee comes with two versions of his “cape” one unfurled under his arms and the other laying flat on his back, and the effect for both works.
  • Awesome 70’s collar included!
  • Always love when a flying character includes a flight stand.



The Good:

  • Two of my favorite X-Men of all time are Cyclops of the Giant Size era, and Jim Lee Cyclops.  Minimates has covered both of these characters a few times over now, but as always, (hopefully), the newest is generally the best, and that’s the case here.
  • Tons of uniform detail is included to make cyclops feel more 3-dimensional.
  • Included extra hair lets you showcase how bad a day Scott  Summers has when he loses his visor.

The Bad:

  • Just being greedy, some of the things Diamond Select Toys has done in the past with Cyclops so far as energy blast accessories would have been fantastic to include here to make this a truly definitive version of Cyclops from this era.


Nightcrawler / Colossus


The Good:

  • Nightcrawler comes with his iconic sword.
  • Speaking of iconic, Diamond Select NAILS Nightcrawlers unique hands and feet.
  • Included “bamf” effect is comic perfect, and you can bamf just a few parts of Kurt if you want!
  • Nightcrawler also comes with another head!
  • Very clean paint application.



The Good:

  • One Colossus, two fantastic looks.  You’ve got a perfect Giant Size X-Men Colossus, take off his harness, you have a great 80’s 90’s era Colossus!
  • As it would have to be, the paint here is fantastic, very clean, sharp lines detail Colossus’s metal-ness.
  • Era perfect deco, the Giant Size likeness is real!
  • Colossus feels like he’s the right size.



Storm / Sunfire


The Good:

  • Storm has some of the coolest included accessories of the wave, lightening for her hands, flowing wind blown cape, flight stand!
  • Storms wind blown cape, used in conjunction with the flight stand looks comic page perfect, especially with her “white eyed” head!
  • Lightening accessories fit perfectly on Storm’s hands.

The Bad:

  • Not pictured, but the tape holding her alternate head in place, touched the head.  When I took it out of the package, half of her face peeled off on to the tape.  It’s not a knock on the figure at all, but be VERY careful when opening your Minimates!


The Good:

  • Sunfire is another example of how to take a piece of plastic and make it look like it jumped off the comic book page.  Exceptional character design.
  • Very clean paint and sharp lines throughout.
  • Amazing glowing hands!
  • Always great when a helmet can come off, extra hair is included.
  • Color appropriate flight stand is included.


Thunderbird / Wolverine


The Good:

  • Thunderbird is another great representation of a classic, original comic counterpart.
  • Excellent hair with feather accessory.
  • Paint is dead on character perfect.



The Good:

  • I’m a little sick of Wolverine, I admit that.  But whenever I see him in this classic costume, I feel that same love I did for the character the first time I read him.  This, for me, is Wolverine, in my mind forever.  I am thankful to have him captured in perfect Minimate-ness.
  • Claw feature looks great.
  • Swappable mask and hair, both fit perfectly and look fantastic.

The Bad:

  • I would have liked to have seen some hair on his arms.


The Rest:

  • Minimates Series 68 Giant Size X-Men nails every single character they take on with comic perfect accuracy.  The art and level of detail in each figure is more than commendable and these are must have Minimates for X-Men fans!




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