Marvel Select Hulkbuster

I like not having to wait.  I really really really like not having to wait.  Which sometimes makes the things that I love very difficult to deal with.  I go to Toy Fair in February and hear about plastic gems and amazing things that I won’t be able to touch until the following year.  That breaks my heart.  But sometimes…sometimes, gratification is less far away from instant.  In May we told you about an amazing new comic styled Hulkbuster figure from Diamond Select Toys.  Well…this week, it freaking showed up with a thud on my doorstep!!  My excitement cannot be contained, nor should it be.  Let’s see what is good about it, and what is not so good about it.

The Good

  • The Hulkbuster is one of the largest and heaviest Marvel Select figures I have beheld.  Weight is similar, though heavier than Marvel Select Thanos, size is a little bigger.
  • The classic comic deco is expertly captured in great detail.  Arm guards, shoulder guards, silver shoulder thruster thingees.
  • Articulation is very good, especially for something this big.  While the joints are pretty stiff, you have ankle rockers, spinning and bending knees, ball joint hips, articulated torso, the only thing that doesn’t move here are the fingers and the helmet (The helmet seems like it will probably spin with enough force).
  • This figure perfectly conveys just how tough the Hulkbuster armor was meant to be.  Hulkbuster Marvel Select should have no problem going toe to toe with Marvel Select Hulk!

The Bad

  • The fingers aren’t articulated…at this scale, it just feels like they should be.  The way they are…you can’t even see em fing!
  • Though articulation is good, because of the weight it makes it difficult to balance Hulkbuster.
  • There isn’t a Tony Stark head under the helmet…no really, there is a video going around that shows one. That’s a custom. Leave the helmet on if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • New Hulkbuster fans because of the Avengers Age of Ultron film may be disappointed with the deco, but that’s only a minus for those fans.  Long time Iron Man comic book fans should recognize this as the Hulkbuster that they know and love!

The rest

Seriously…don’t try to take the head off.  It’s not meant to come off and the paint will scratch easily!


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for preorder.  If you dont’ want to wait, you can pick up the Hulkbuster at




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