Magic Box: Zing Every Day Play – Thumb Chucks – Zing Dama – Spinzipz – Spinbladez – TUMBLSTIX – Spin Circuits – Metal Chuckz

The litlgeeks paid a visit to their friends at Zing at TTPM Holiday Showcase 2017.  What they saw was days, weeks, months, YEARS worth of incredible fidget type toys.  We’ve already had a look at TUMBLSTIX, and…well, I adopted it as my own, I play with it every day at work…don’t tell the litlgeeks.  Since TTPM though, we got an email from our friends at Zing.  Because we shared our image and hashtagged it up on Instagram, we WON! The litlgeeks won the entire line of Zing Every Day Play toys!  Thumb Chucks, Metal Chuckz, Spin Circuits, Zing Dama, Spinzipz, Spinbladez, TUMBLSTIX too!  That incredible box of goodies showed up this week, and you bet your bottom, we wouldn’t just win something this awesome and not share it with you!


Thumb Chucks | Zing Dama | Spinzipz | Spinbladez | TUMBSTIX | Spin Circuits | Metal Chuckz


Thumb Chucks

  • So many amazing tricks you can do, they light up as you fling em!
  • Easy to start.
  • Amazingly difficult to master!


Zing Dama

  • This is a next level version of the “get the ball in the cup” game from when us 30 and 40 somethings were kids?  Now it lights up, and this new twist on it is amazing!



  • Awesome, light, sturdy spinner with two blades that lights up when you spin it!



  • Three blades, and it lights up when you spin it!



  • OHMYGOODNESSTHISISMYFAVORITETHINGEVER!  I really love tumbling it and trying to get it to stand upright, or playing closest to the edge.  This is one of the most satisfying toys I’ve ever played with!


Spin Circuits

  • These spinners show off incredible varied light patterns when you spin them!


Metal Chuckz

  • Adding a little metal to the Thumb Chucks formula, Metal Chuckz are an incredible soft metal, unlike Thumb Chucks, these don’t light up.  Challenge yourself with Metal Chuckz!


This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.  litlgeeks received these items for free for review. These items are for ages 5 and up.


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