The litlgeeks have been enamored with Yo-kai watch ever since it came out on Cartoon Network in the USA. Yo-kai is the store of Nate who finds a capsule machine next to a sacred tree. When he opens one of the capsules up, it unleashes the Yo-kai Whisper who gives Nate a special device known as the Yo-kai Watch.  With the Watch Nate can see various Yo-kai that haunt people and cause mischief.  With the help of the cat Yo-kai Jibanyan, Nate and Whisper start befriending all sorts of Yo-kai which Nate can summon to help stop whatever mischief is being caused by Yo-kai so he can then later befriend those Yo-kai too! Nate’s adventures and Yo-kai Watch continues from there!  Thanks to Hasbro, the litlgeeks got an amazing package of free fantastic and fun Yo-kai toys, everything from medals, to the Model Zero Watch!  Let’s check it all out!

Yo-kai Watch Model Zero Watch

The Yo-kai Watch Model Zero picks up where the first Yo-kai Watch left off, and improves upon it in almost every way!  With this new watch, there is no lift lid, just a slide in with a plastic cover that doesn’t move.  No hinge to break!  This Watch interacts with Medals in new and different ways, specifically, this will project the character of the medal that is in the watch on the wall! (or wherever you are pointing).  There was a downside to this watch for the litlgeeks.  We have two litlgeeks, they both absolutely love the watch.  So, downside, I had to go to the store and get another one!


Yo-kai Watch Yo-Motion Medals

Yo-kai Yo-Motion Medals are what the Yo-kai watch uses to bring the fun little Yo-kai into the real world.  Each blind bag has two Yo-Motion medals that will work with the Model Zero Watch.  Even without the watch they are so much fun to collect, and you can store them in the Collection Book too! (below)


Yo-kai Watch Medal Moments

Jibanyan and Komasan were sent as part of this package and they are adorable little figures that feature the Yo-kai medals in their own special way!  Komasan has a slide in section and Jibanyan holds his medal between himself and the explosion effect.  The litlgeeks LOVE Jibanyan!


Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game

The Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game takes your favorite mischievous Yo-Kai and puts them into an intense card battle game that is tons of fun with great art and easy to play game rules!  Kids can pick up their own starter kid or booster packs and learn to play right from the wonderful folks at Hasbro!


Yo-kai Watch Medallium Collection Book

The Yo-kai Watch Medallium Collection Book is your go to for storing all of the Yo-Kai medals you are going to collect.  Tons of space for 75 medals, a special foam insert page, a check list.  It has it all!  I will say, the only thing it was missing, a little pocket on one of the inside covers to hold some of the extra papers that come with it!


The litlgeeks had a fantastic time playing with all of this incredible Yo-kai watch stuff!  Thank you so much to Hasbro for sending us this amazing package to share with all of you out there in Internet land.  We hope you love it all so much that you go to the store and pick it up, you can play just like the litlgeeks and find your own Yo-kai wandering around!*


*disclaimer – Yo-kai aren’t actually real entities….good thing too, we have enough broken stuff!

This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 6 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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