The litlgeeks went to TTPM a few weeks ago, and one of the games that immediately had them laughing was Wobbly Worm! From Spin Master!  Now, thanks to Spin Master, the litlgeeks got to take home Wobbly Worm so they could make this video to share with you!


Wobbly Worm is for ages 3 and up and it’s available on Amazon now for $14!  An absolute bargain!  Wobbly Worm is for 2-3 players.  Each player gets 3 rings to get on Wobbly’s head.  Difficulty can be adjusted by height of Wobbly and distance from Wobbly.  The litlgeeks had a blast, and we are so excited we got to share this with you!  Get your Wobble on today!



The products in this post were given to litlgeeks for free for review purposes.

This product is for ages 3 and up.

This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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