Magic Box: Windjammers Flying Power Disc

The litlgeeks got a surprise package from their friends at Wham-O, makers of the original Frisbee!  This special limited edition Flying Power Disc is to commemorate dotemus release of the classic 1994 Windjammers game on PS4 and PS Vita.  The release is scheduled for 8/29…HEY! That’s tomorrow!  Check out the video and have a look below for more details and images.


Cue the nostalgia! Two of every ‘90s child’s favorite games are joining forces… In celebration of the return of the epic Windjammers arcade game for PS4 and PSVita (launching August 29th), Wham-O, the creator of the original Frisbee (and Hula Hoop…and Hacky Sack…and Slip ‘N Slide…), is launching a real life, limited edition version of the game’s “Flying Power Disc.” Yep; once your eyes begin to burn from too much screen time, you can now switch gears and physically play Windjammers in your own backyard. The exclusive Windjammers Frisbee will exclusively be sold at (   This is a 175 Gram flying disc!



This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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