The litlgeeks love their box games.  We can’t really call them board games anymore, with so many great games for kids and family aiming to get kids off the couch and moving…let’s call them box games.  One of the most recent entries in this category of games that gets the kids up and about…and also wet, is called Wet Head from Zing.  The litlgeeks made new friends at Zing when they went into NYC for TTPM 2016, and thanks to Zing, we have the litlgeeks checking out Wet Head in the video below.  They love it, and are sure you will too!



The Rules

Wet Head is played by two or more people.  A special hat is placed upon the head of the person whose turn it is, and a spinner is spun.  The spinner tells you how many pegs you must take out of the hat.  The pegs, keep about 2 cups of water inside the container at the top of the hat.  The point of the game, depending on how much you like water is to either not get wet, or get wet.  Take turns wearing the hat / spinning!

Other Ways to Play

Of COURSE there is a companion app to Wet Head.  You can find it in the Apple App store or Google Play store.  The app let’s you do some fun things.  It gives you a digital spinner, or sets you up with trivia questions.  Answer correctly or pull out a peg!  Another fun wrinkle of the app, you can record and share your gameplay!  Who doesn’t want to watch other people get wet!

Why it’s awesome!

This is truly a fun game for all ages.  The fear of getting wet, the shock of getting wet, add in being able to record it and even some trivia.  It’s a recipe for a great time whether you are 4 or 70!  Remember, it would be totally mean to fill the water reservoir with ice water…totally mean, so don’t do that.


Some fun pictures of litlgeeks having fun (and of the game….and of the app)!


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