Magic Box: Voltron Classic 84 Series Lions From Playmates

I remember when we put together the Playmates Dreamworks Legendary Voltron.  It helps that there is a video of it that I’ve gotten to watch with the litlgeeks a few times.  Either way, I remember it, the litlgeeks remember it.  For me it was pretty magical to put together a brand new Voltron after a ton of years, for the litlgeeks, it was magical because it was their first time assembling a Voltron on their own, and certainly of that size.  Well, a whole year has passed, we’ve gotten a chance to look at a die cast Voltron in between, but today, we are so excited to share with you, Playmates 84 Voltron! (did you know you can watch episodes of the classic Voltron on Netflix too??)  One of my favorite shows as a kid, my favorite Voltron of all time, what Playmates did with it, is amazing.  Check it out!

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Black Lion

  • The Black Lion features both lights and sounds. 
    • Pressing the button on the Black Lion’s side will cause Keith’s voice to say a phrase relevant to the Black Lion if he’s in solo mode.
    • Dialog changes to Voltron relevant  when Voltron is formed.
    • The best part, the eyes light up moment…I will tell you about when we talk about Voltron. 
    • The cross / shield on the Black Light’s chest will light up during phrases..
  • I don’t know if it’s the boxy-ness of the older character design, but the Black Lion 84 feels bigger than Black Lion from the Dreamworks show.  
  • All movements are met with a satisfying ratcheting click.
  • Exceptional articulation all over the Black Lion, he can move in all sorts of ways.
  • Transformation into torso and head for Voltron is quick, easy, and satisfying, pieces ratchet into place perfectly!
  • The Black Lion, while featuring lights and sounds, does not come with any accessories.

Blue Lion

  • Blue, like the other lions features an expressive face, almost cute!
  • Blue comes with three accessories, a mouth blade, a spring loaded rocket launcher, and a cool blaster piece.  
  • All accessories fit on the lion perfectly.
  • Transformation to leg is quick and easy, legs fold
  • His coloring is classic Lion perfect.
  • Blue like all the limb lions has a spring loaded jaw, inside the jaw a little tab hole that the jaw blades fit and lock perfectly into!


Yellow Lion

  • Playmates really captured the classic look of all of the lions.  Everything is just how I remember it!
  • Three great accessories for Yellow too!  
  • Blue and Yellow both feature flip out vs. tuck in tails.
  • Good sturdy leg to Voltron, again, easy and fun transformation. 
  • Remember the red rocket launcher that popped up off of Yellow’s back in the classic old school version, that doesn’t happen here. I don’t miss it, but it’s worth noting.


Red Lion

  • Good old Red, he looks outstanding.
  • Admittedly, my boyhood me was a little sad that his head didn’t fire off, but!
  • Red comes with three great accessories like all of the other limbs.
  • Red and Green both have retractable tails as opposed to flip out tails.
  • Red and Green for 84 Voltron play a little differently than Dreamworks Voltron.  All legs fold up, there is no fold in mechanic here.  While it loses a little of the “boy that’s neat” factor, transformation is actually much easier and faster because of it.  
  • Incredible bright red here.


Green Lion

  • Green, like Red features quick transform, legs up.
  • Perfect Pidge green here!
  • Both arm Lions feature great articulation in both Lion and arm mode, allowing for great Lion poses and shield holding / sword swinging poses.
  • Speaking of shield, Green holds the shield!  It fits into the spring loaded mouth tab and slot, nice and firmly.  


Voltron 84

  • Understand, this is really hard for me.  Seeing Voltron come together for the first time with this Playmates set of Lions, it was just beautiful, words are hard to find.  Everything came rushing back.  I was 5 years old the first time Voltron formed on my screen.  I was right back there.
  • As the limbs are connected, Voltron talks about what was connected, when the lions all come together, you get the full “form Voltron” sequence as said in the original show, by the original US cast, it is magical.  
  • Balance for 84 Voltron is honestly far superior to the Dreamworks Voltron.  We love DW Voltron, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes it took a little effort to pose with balance.  84 Voltron perfected balance.  
  • Incredibly well articulated, you can achieve a ton of great classic Voltron poses.
  • Sword and shield fit perfectly in hands with the tab and slot mechanic that holds in the mouth blades.  
  • Clicking the Lions into place is satisfying, and the legs hold better than the DW Voltron.  
  • It’s a testament to how amazing Voltron is in his formed state, the litlgeeks are Dreamworks Voltron fans, they enjoy the classic version of the show, but the modern changes to the show just appeals to them more, but they are as enthralled by what Playmates did with 84 Voltron as I am.


The rest

This is the best Voltron I have ever owned.  If you have a look at the pictures and video, you can see, I’ve owned a few.  These days,there are pretty crazy premium options out there, if you want to pay $1000 for museum quality versions, you can, but I honestly wouldn’t ever look any further than right here.  Ok…well, if Playmates made a version where you could put in a 3.75″ Paladin, I’d look there too, but only because of the amazing job they did here.  The value here is bananas for what you get when you put all the Lions together, not to mention how strong each package is on it’s own!   Incredible articulation, beautiful design, easy transformation, and he just looks amazing.  This is the Voltron I’ve waited for, and I am pretty sure I’m not alone.  


Each limb lion is available for between $16.99 and $24.99 depending on where you find them, and the Black Lion is available for around $29.99.  You can grab them on Amazon today! Just click here!


Group Photos


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 8 and up. | The litlgeeks and MUReview received two of the five lions for free.

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