The litlgeeks are long time fans of their great friends at Uncle Milton.  So much so that we keep up to date on the Uncle Milton catalog and the litlgeeks frequently update their holiday wish list right out of it! One of the items high up on their Christmas list for 2016, is the Virtual Explorer Space Expedition kit!  You better believe they are crazy excited to share it with you today!  Thank you so much for sending this to us Uncle Milton!

The Virtual Explorer Space Expedition kit from Uncle Milton is an amazing set that includes everything you need to set off on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos.  The Star Planetarium allows for date / time configuration so you can look at the night sky on any given date just by rotating the planetarium handle.  All constellations are clearly labeled and the light is very bright!  Something we didn’t tackle in the video, the globe / light comes out of the base, so you can walk around holding the Star Planetarium like it’s a torch if you wanted! So cool!

The included VR headset works great with small and large format phones.  An adapter is required for smaller phones.  If you have a large phone like an iPhone 6 plus or 7 plus with a large case, it will not fit, but if you remove the case it should!  Once you download the Virtual Explorer Space Expedition App from the App or Play Store, you are ready to be off on your journey.  Do the initial setup outside of the goggles on the phone, enter your info, accept terms and conditions, then pop your phone in the goggles and get ready for a Virtual or Augmented Reality treat!  You use included cards to trigger activities and interactive experiences with the app in the goggles.  It really is breathtaking looking at the night sky through these goggles!  

The Star Planetarium requires 3 AAA and 3 AA batteries (not included).  It comes with an extra bulb as well!  See the gallery for a full listing of compatible smart phones and for great pictures of this amazing space-ship-in-a-box!


You can get the Virtual Explorer Space Expedition Kit today here!



This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 10 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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