While walking the halls of Toy Fair 2015, litlgeeks stumbled upon a giant farting pig.  A Giant. Farting. Pig.  We looked twice, how could we not?  The kind folks at Patch Products pulled us in and, well, gotcha, they caught us staring on camera and asked for our info and permission to use us in their YouTube video.  While we still haven’t found said video, a few weeks after Toy Fair, we received a package in the mail with a free Stinky Pig game.  Ever since opening it on camera, the kids have been in love with it.  Have a look!


Now, for a brief explanation.

Stinky Pig is a fun take on the classic Hot Potato.  The game features some dice, some tokens, and a pig who plays music ending on a fart.


Press the pigs belly to start him singing.

Roll a die to determine which way to pass the pig (left, right, or piggy (hold him and roll again)).

The person holding the pig when he farts gets a token.

The person with the fewest tokens at the end of the game wins!


Why is Stinky Pig fun?

Because kids (and even adults) love farts.


Where can you buy Stinky Pig?

Funny you should ask, you can buy Stinky Pig by clicking right here!!

(or you can hit the litlshop, he’s under board games!)

You can also check out Stinky Pig at Patch Products here.

This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 6 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!


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