Long ago (2 months), in a galaxy far far away (New York City), litlgeeks was born.  Mostly on a train ride into New York City, during a conversation between mommy and daddy geek, we came up with the idea to let our kids do what so many other kids are doing on the Internets, open stuff, and let other people watch and enjoy!  I bring up Toy Fair, because all of the items in this Magic Box are from our long time friends (and friends of our sister site, mureview.net), Hasbro!

Just a few quick words about the neat stuff the kids got from Hasbro!


Marvel Legends Machine Man action figure – This 6 inch figure is a fantastic replica of his comic page counterpart and features awesome extended hands!


Marvel Legends Hawkeye action figure – litlgeeks loves Hawkeye!  In our hearts there is really only one, the classic, cowled, Robin Hood like maarksman!


Marvel Play-Doh – Hasrbo is turning out some fantastic Play-Doh sets featuring your favorite Marvel heroes.


Marvel Mini-Potato Heads – Featuring a mix and match mish mosh of many Marvel favorites, mash up Cap and Iron Man, Hulk and Hawkeye and so many more!


Star Wars

Star Wars 6 inch series Tie Pilot action figure – This black on black  monster looks every bit as evil as he does on screen while chasing down Luke and the boys in the Death Star trenches.



Kre-o Toy Fair Exclusive Arctic Optimus Prime – It is always so cool to get exclusive stuff at places like Toy Fair.  The kids love this ski-slope ready Optimus.


Transformers Tiny Titans – The Tiny Titans are great little blind bag figures that are great for display and rough play.  The litlgeeks managed to score a Grimlock!


Transformers Robots in Disguise Bumblebee Warrior Class figure – Easy to transform, great looking and very accurate to the show.



Transformers Robots in Disguise Strong Arm Warrior Class figure – Another figure that is show perfect and a lot of fun to transform.


Transformers Combiners Voyager Class Optimus Prime – It’s Optimus…it’s Optimus, and you can connect 4 other robots to him and make him even more awesome!


The litlgeeks are incredibly grateful for all of this awesome stuff.  Every item is in the regular play rotation! Thanks Hasbro and thanks everyone for reading.  Click the underlined links and go grab all of this awesome stuff at Amazon.  You can also check out everything at litlgeeks.com/litlshop


The litlgeeks received the products in this post for free for review purposes.

This post / video are for entertainment purposes only

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