The litlgeeks got a box filled with goodies from Zing a few weeks ago.  The first toy from that box, they talked about, Wet Head!  The second, we are thrilled to show you today, Stikbot Studio Pro!  This awesome studio in a box gives kids (and everyone!) an easy way to make great stop motion animation videos with nothing more than the studio and a phone (Android or iOS).  Stikbots and the Stikbot Studio Pro are available in stores now, and the litlgeeks had a great time learning to use the app and the studio, let’s check it out!


Stikbot Studio Pro

Stikbot Studio Pro comes with everything that you need to create your own stop motion animation videos (except for the camera).  The kit includes a green / blue screen stage, 2 Stikbots a storage case (which is also the stage), and a phone camera tri-pod.

The set is meant to be used in conjunction with an Android or iOS application (available in the App Store / Play Store) called Zing Stikbot Studio.  The application allows you to take static images against a green screen (or blue) as well as string together images with an incredible interface to record stop motion video.  The stop motion video works very well and allows you to see a shadow of your figures last pose from the previous photo, that way you know how little more much to move it for the next photo.  Once you complete your movie, you can add sounds or music and upload to your favorite social media video place.

The case is really neat and no piece goes unused.  The storage tray fits back into the stage box to hold the back piece up so it doesn’t wobble or tilt.  The stage is sturdy and well made and should last you a bunch of videos.  The only downfall that we saw while using the Stikbot Studio Pro was that the stage is on the small side and you really have to get close to properly keep the green / blue screen in frame.  This is only really an issue if you are looking to use the green / blue screen.  The bots work great, pose well and stick to flat surfaces for fun movie making.  The prop blocks make for some really neat moves too!  The tri-pod is sturdy and holds it’s height / position very well.  If you want to make bigger movies than the stage allows, we found that a simple blue or green table cloth can do the trick!  Used in conjunction with the app, you can make a ton of fun and wonderful videos.  The app includes stock sounds and backdrops, but you can import your own for even more fun!

The litlgeeks had a blast with the Stikbot Studio Pro and a huge thank you goes out to Zing for sending them the set!  You can check out a ton of great Stikbot made videos on YouTube.  We hope you enjoyed our video, and if you want to go pick up your own Stickbot Studio Pro, click here!


Some fun pictures of the Stikbot Studio Pro Set


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 6 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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