Magic Box: SpinTales by TILT

It was Toy Fair, I think 2016, and I got to take some video of SpinTales by TILT.  It was incredible to watch as characters and adventures sprung to life from textiles (blankets, carpets).  Fast Forward to this week of 2017, and the video that I showed the litlgeeks from Toy Fair came home for some show and tell! Thanks so much TILT for sending this to us!  We had a blast!

SpinTales by TILT

SpinTales is real world fabrics, carpets, etc… that work in conjunction with a mobile device application (iOS or Android).  The application uses the device camera, you point it at the textile and watch as characters spring out of the textile on your phone screen, which is also showing the real world.  This is called Augmented Reality (AR), for the uninitiated, and it’s just really neat to see it when it’s well executed.

SpinTales provides incredible educational value through the application, providing definitions, and real world information in fun learning.  The app is free and includes three adventures per SpinTales set.  Available now for $99.99 each are the Jungle Rug, and the Fantasy Duvet.  TILT is looking to put out additional adventures in the future, which will likely be in app purchases.  

The litlgeeks had a great time with SpinTales, and your litlgeeks will too!

Available now on for $99!  Check out the SpinTales Jungle Play Area Rug!

This post and video is for entertainment purposes only | The litlgeeks received this toy for free | This toy is for ages 3 and Up

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