The litlgeeks had a great time watching Spider-Man Homecoming, and they love Ultimate Spider-Man Sinister Six on Disney XD, so when a package from their friiends at Tech 4 Kids showed up filled with Spider-Man Mash’Ems and Blast’Ems!  The fun happened almost all by itself!



The Spider-Man Sinister Six Mash Ems feature your favorite Spidey heroes and villains from the latest version of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD (Sinister Six!).  These Mash Ems are available now.



What is a Blast’Em?  Well, the litlgeeks found out in this video!  They are a lot like Mash’Ems, but you smash down on the box after opening and taking off the top, and you will be greeted by an inflated, giant sized Blast’Em that will eventually shrink down to the size of a Mash’Em.   Get em while they are hot!!

Check out the Tech 4 Kids booth # 1034 at San Diego Comic Con this year for your chance to pick up an convention exclusive Spider-Man Mash’Em!


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