The litlgeeks can’t wait for July 7th!  Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters and to say that two litlgeeks are anything but mega Spidey fans is just crazy talk.  Why not stoke that fire a little bit?  Well, thank you very much Hasbro for helping with that! Hasbro sent us an awesome box full of Spider-Man Homecoming goodies, and we can’t wait to share them with you!  So we won’t!  Don’t forget to grab your tickets to Spider-Man Homecoming!! 7/7/17!

Tech Suit Spider-Man | Spider-Man Mask | Quick Load Web Shooters | The Whole Gang

Tech Suit Talking Spider-Man

The Tech Suit Talking Spider-Man features some awesome motion detection tech!  Flip Spidey’s arms up into glider pose, pick him up, fly him around, and he’ll talk about flying!!  Tech Suit Spider-Man retails for about $34.99, is available now, and is recommended for kids ages four and up.


Homecoming Spider-Man Mask

The same mechanics that brought us the awesome Rocket Raccoon talking mask bring us this great Spider Sight Mask.  Kids put it on, and as they move their mouth / chin, the eyes widen and shrink, and the mouth portion of the mask moves!  This is such an awesome way to recreate some of the coolest magic of the movie, with the full motion Spidey suit eyes!  Also available now, today…right now, go get it!  $19.99, for ages five and up!


Rapid Reload Blaster

One of our most favorite Spidey toys ever!  This great little Nerf dart blaster comes with cartridges and a belt clip for rapid reload!  Cartridges snap into the wrist blaster and shoot one dart at a time, Spidey style, from under the wrist!  This also retails for $19.99 and is for kids ages five and up.  Remember, never point this at anyone’s face!


The whole gang!


The toys in this post / video were given to us for free for review.

Recommended ages for the toys in the video / post are listed in this post.

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