Magic Box: Screechers Wild

Screechers Wild from Alpha showed up on the litlgeeks doorstep this week, and they are excited to be able to share them with you, the litlgeeks had a blast collecting disks and morphing like mad!

Magic Box: Screechers Wild

  • Screechers Wild toys are now available on Amazon starting at around $6.99!
  • Fun and easy morphing, just fold it up and flip the clasp to go to vehicle mode…and…
  • either fire a disk at the Screecher, or run the Screecher into a disk to morph into beast mode!
  • Immediately fun out of the box, with enough to play a game even if you only have one Screecher.
  • Tons of great Screechers Wild toys to collect!



The litlgeeks received these products for free. Screechers Wild toys are for ages 6 and up. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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