The litlgeeks ran into some new friends at Toy Fair 2017 in Calliope Games. They showed us a bunch of their great games, and we were excited to be able to share a little of that with you.  Today, we are excited to share another of Calliope’s awesome games with you, Roll for it (Purple Edition)!



Roll For It Purple Edition is available now on Amazon. You can also pick up Roll For It Red Edition!  Each edition features 60 cards, 4 sets of 6 dice and the rules book.  You can also pick up a deluxe edition which combines Red and Purple editions. Red and Purple allow for 2-4 players, but combine Red and Purple (or get the deluxe) and you can play up to 8 players!

The rules are simple,  fast, and fun.

  • Each player gets 6 dice
  • 3 cards are drawn from a shuffled deck
  • Roll your dice to match the dice shown on the card, and if you match them all, you get the card and points associated to the card.  
  • First to 40 points wins!

Roll For It is not only fun, fast, and easy to pick up, but it is also small and can go anywhere with you and your family.  Take it on the road, to a restaurant, or a hotel and let this fun AND educational game Roll You Into Fun!


The litlgeeks received this product for free.

This product is for kids ages 8 and up.

This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.

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