The litlgeeks got a litlpackage from their friends at Jazwares.  Jazwares makes some of the litlgeeks favorite toys, Roblox and Minecraft!  Today’s surprise though, Roblox blind boxes!


Roblox blind boxes are available now.  These awesome litl boxes each contain one Roblox action figure.  Each figure contains an accessory or two and shows off one of the many fun outfits you can get yourself fixed up in in the game world.  Series 1 is out now and there are 40 figures to collect!  Don’t forget, you can buy figure sets and playsets too!  Figures also come with scratch off cards to redeem exclusive virtual items in Roblox!  

The litlgeeks love cracking open blind boxes, and they love Roblox! This was a match made in heaven! Thank you Jazwares!


The litlgeeks received these products for free.

The toys in this video are for ages 6 and up.

This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.  

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