Magic Box: Revell Snaptite Build and Play Scooby-Doo Bi Plane Model Kit

litlzombie is a very big Scooby-Doo fan, so when we got an email to review this awesome Revell Scooby-Doo Bi-Plane, we jumped at the chance!  Our jumping was rewarded! Revell makes some amazing model kits!

Revell Snaptite Build and Play Scooby Doo Bi Plane Model Kit

The litlgeeks haven’t had a whole lot of interactions with models.  They are used to building toys and kits, but actual models, we’ve been hesitant, because they are young and glue is terrifying.  But, Revell’s Snaptite build and play kits took away all of the fear of young children building models!  The litlgeeks worked together to build the whole plane (even though we used magic in the video!).  They were able to quickly and easily follow the instructions, and since it has been together, litlzombie has played with it every day, and it’s still together!  He’s 5, let that sink in! 

This awesome kit is available now for under $15.  Check it out! 

This post and video is for entertainment purposes only | The litlgeeks received this toy for free | This toy is for ages 6 and Up

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