Magic Box: Power Rippers

Power Rippers rock!!  You pull the rip cord and watch them zip around, bash into stuff, tear up track, and it’s so much fun!  As a parent though, the real highlight…the 2-in1 competition set comes with it’s own case! Easy clean up?!! Yes please!


Magic Box: Power Rippers

Power Rippers Competition Set

  • The Power Rippers Competition Set is available today for $29.99.
  • This easy to assemble set offers kids some great play options for their Power Rippers!  
  • It comes with one Power Ripper and pull cord.
  • You get tracks that are easy to connect so you can build a looping play set!  
  • The open half of the playset is a battle arena for your Power Rippers!


Power Rippers Blaster Launcher

  • The Power Rippers Blaster Launcher is available now for $14.99.
  • This launcher comes with one Power Ripper and pull cord.
  • The blaster will store two Power Rippers with one loaded in the chamber for 3 total!
  • The rip cord slides in through the top of the blaster, through the Ripper, through the bottom, pulling and launching is easy and fun!


This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.  These toys are for ages 8 and up.  The litlgeeks received these products for free for review purposes.

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