The litlgeeks are new fans of Ben 10 on Cartoon Network.  They love the colorful characters and fun story lines, and if a show has good toys, forget about it!  Well, enter Playmates.  They are making some great products to support Ben 10 in 2017, and the litlgeeks got an awesome care package with some of those toys.  Ben 10 is now airing on Cartoon Network, and these toys are in stores now, let’s check them out!


Ben 10 Figures

The litlgeeks got Ben Tennyson with Grey Matter and Cannonbolt.  Ben is highly detailed and even includes a little Omnitirix on his wrist!  Grey Matter is adorable and he comes with a stand.  Ben is pose-able and looks great.  Cannonbolt is a fantastic bulky, but lightweight figure.  He’s got some good movement himself for as big a boy as he is!  There are a ton of great Ben 10 figures to collect, and if you hurry, Toys R Us is even doing a BOGO 40% off sale!


Ben 10 Role Play

litlninja’s favorite Ben 10 character, Heatblast, gets his own role play toy in the Ben 10 lineup with a glasses / mask and lava ball punch Transform N Battle toy.  It features awesome lava punch action and the litlgeeks loved almost knocking each other senseless with them!   Neat note we didn’t figure out till today, there is a stopper in the lava ball.  If you remove it, you can spring lock, load and press a button for a punch!


The litlgeeks received these toys for free for review purposes.

These toys are recommended for ages 4 and up.

This post and video are for entertainment purposes only.


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