Magic Box: Playbrites

The litlgeeks are 5 and 7 years old.  They still like to sleep with some light on in their room, but finding an outlet in a house with electronics is always…a challenge.  Plus, nightlights are kind of old hat.  They don’t have anything fancy going on.  What if a nightlight could be not only cordless, but FUN!  Playbrites!  An awesome assemble, mix and match, and play light buddy!  Our friends at Jay at Play sent us one to share with you.  Check out what the litlgeeks thought of it!

  • PlayBrites are available today from their website for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling!
  • There are 6 different PlayBrites available, Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, Dragon, Shark or Unicorn!
  • You can get more than one PlayBrite and mix and match pieces for added fun!
  • Each PlayBrite features a whole bunch of different light colors for you to choose from.
  • PlayBrites has an easy on, and auto off feature.  Just press it down to turn it on / cycle through colors and off.  It will automatically turn off after 20 minutes too!
  • PlayBrites need 3 AA batteries to operate.
  • Each PlayBrite comes with a handle you can pop on and carry it wherever you go!

The litlgeeks have been using this as their night light for the last few days, and they LOVE it!



This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 3 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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