Magic Box: PJ Masks Deluxe Owl Glider from Just Play

Like all good things, our box of great toys from Just Play must come to an end.  But this last toy is so fun, and the litlgeeks love it so much!  The PJ Masks Deluxe Owl Glider gives kids everything they could want in a show to life toy with lights, sounds from the show and wings that flap!  The litlgeeks had a blast playing with it, check it out!


The PJ Masks toy line is going strong in 2017 and doing a great job of building off of the solid foundation laid by the show and the toys in 2016.  Expanding with interactive toys, the Deluxe Owl Glider brings lights, sounds and flapping fun to your PJ Masks playtime!  You can pick up the Deluxe Owl Glider on Amazon for under $20!  Batteries are included!



The litlgeeks received this toy for free.

This toy is for ages 3 and up.

This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.

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