Magic Box: Pankapu

MUReview and litlgeeks are grateful and excited to share with you, our look at Pankapu!  

The Game

What is Pankapu?  It’s a side scrolling platform action game, now available on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.  It features gorgeous artwork, intuitive gameplay, and a fun story.  Pankapu is from Plug In Studios, Playdius and Too Kind Studios.  It’s available now for $11.99 for PSN!

Pankapu features:

  • An engrossing story told like a fable read to a child.
  • Players can float, aim and strike.
  • Weapons can be infused with the power of dreams!
  • Players can unlock more than 35 skills.
  • Huge, epic bosses are there for the fighting!
  • Gameplay is fun and addictive!
  • The art is shockingly pretty, bright colors, smooth animations.


  • The litlgeeks give Pankapu two thumbs up!


The litlgeeks received this game for free for review purposes. This game is rated E for everyone. This post / video are for entertainment purposes only.

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