Muppets Select Series 3

The litlgeeks got a massive box from Diamond Select Toys filled with goodies!  Some of our favorite of which are the brand spankin’ new, Muppets Select Series 3 figures!  The set features 3 packs, Miss Piggy Foo Foo and Penguin, Floyd and Janice, and Rowlf with Mahna Mahna and Crazy Harry.  The litlgeeks love them all and they are so excited to share them with you!  You can click the link below to jump to some quick details about each pack, and check out the video too!  

Miss Piggy, Foo-Foo, Penguin | Rowlf, Crazy Harry, Mahna Mahna | Floyd and Janice | The Rest | Availability | Group Photos


Miss Piggy, Foo-Foo, Penguin

  • This is Miss Piggy in all of her glamours glory.  She comes with a hand mirror, her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, and of course, her picture of her Schmoopzy Poo Kermit!  
  • The Kermit picture is adorable, tiny, and I kind of want to leave it on my desk at work.
  • Penguin is cute and surprisingly articulated for just being a penguin, you can move his feet and flap his wings!
  • Foo-Foo might be the cutest figure of a dog ever made.  She looks so fluffy you could hug her!


Rowlf, Crazy Harry, Mahna Mahna

  • Rowlf (not Roofus litlzombie!) is an amazing plastic version of everyone’s favorite wise-crackin’ piana playin’ pup!
  • His included piano is so detailed it looks like you can play it!
  • Also included is a Beethoven bust, sheet music for Muppet favorites…and while I can’t read music, I’d almost bet it’s song accurate!  
  • Additional accessories include a sheet music stand and a music book to stand up on the piano front.
  • Mahna Mahna has a fluffy looking shirt!  Impressive in making plastic look fluffy!
  • His included microphone has a stand and it can even pop off the stand!
  • Crazy Harry looks crazy!  His jaw is fully articulated!


Floyd & Janice

  • Floyd and Janice come with so much great musical instrumentation!  guitar, bass, harmonica, tambourine!
  • Each figure comes with their own amp, mic stand and sheet music stand!
  • Both figures are perfectly designed to be posed as playing their instrument.  
  • Stage lighting and show poster is also included!
  • There is more! Sheet music too!


The Rest

The third series of Muppet Select figures expands the Muppet roster in awesome ways!  We get Floyd and Janice to play with Animal, Piggy to hang out with Kermie, Rowlf, Mahna Mahna (a massive fan favorite!) and Crazy Harry (another fan favorite!).  Diamond Select Toys does an outstanding job of bringing these adorable and beloved characters to life in plastic.  Muppets collectors should jump right on this series of figures today!!


 Big Bad Toy Store has the whole third series for purchase.  You should always scout your local comic shop too!  You can also click the links in the post to jump to Amazon to pick them up too!  Or just click here!

The Group Pictures


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 8 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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