Magic Box: Minimates Alice In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass

litlgeek zombie is enamoured with Alice in Wonderland Through The Looking Glass, he has been since he first saw it.  The characters speak to him and he’s always smiling when he watches the movie…so I thought, Alice Through The Looking Glass Minimates?  What an incredibly perfect fit!  Let’s do some litlgeeks action!  Thank you Diamond Select Toys for sending this out for litlgeek zombie to review for us.  Readers of litlgeeks and MUReview, stay tuned, we will be giving away a set or two in October!  Let’s see what litlgeek zombie thought, and scroll down for a more formal review-lite.

Alice Kingsleigh / Tweedledee

Alice Kingsleigh

The Good:

  • Alice Kingsleigh comes to us in the outfit she word for the better part of Alice Through The Looking Glass.  An outfit that is stunningly replicated in detail with this figure.
  • Very clean paint application, incredibly sharp lines.
  • A small round face that looks so much like the character in the movie, with only painted on eyes nose and ear is remarkable.



The Good:

  • Tweedledee is another very movie like representation of the character in Minimate form.  Squat, rotund.
  • The painted on double chin kills me, it’s perfect.
  • It’s amazing how Diamond Select is able to capture that glazed look in his eyes.


Ribbon Fantasy Alice / Tweedledum (1 per case!)

Ribbon Fantasy Alice

The Good:

  • Ribbon Fantasy Alice is another outfit from the movie, less ornate than standard Alice.
  • This figure once again perfectly captures the actress in Minimate form.



The Good:

  • Tweedledum is Tweedledee with a different face, absolutely character perfect.  It’s astonishing, with so few brush strokes, how well Diamond Select Toys is able to capture a character.



Mad Hatter / Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter

The Good:

  • The Hatter is the star of the series.  The detail soup to nuts serves to once again perfectly represent the film character as a Minimate.
  • The card on his hat.
  • The makeup around his eyes is dead on.
  • His bow tie colors, the coat strap.
  • I’m almost as annoyed just looking at this Minimate as I am looking at Johnny Depp overacting… The figure is that dead on!


Queen of Hearts

The Good:

  • By now you should sense a theme.  It’s crazy that these little not entirely human shapes look exactly like the characters they intend to represent.
  • This figure looks so good, I once again dislike her as much as I dislike the Queen of Hearts in the movie.
  • litlgeek Zombie loves them all…but I’m allowed my own opinion right?


Time / White Queen


The Good:

  • The accessories make the character, same as in the movie.  I shudder to think what would happen if Minimates decided to make a Borat Minimate….


White Queen

The Good:

  • Ornate and incredibly detailed.
  • The ghost white complexion with the sunken in eye make up again fully captures Anne  Hathaway’s White Queen likeness.


The Rest:

  • The Alice Through The Looking Glass Minimates series is an accomplishment of movie likeness unlike what I’ve seen before in Minimates format.  That’s fudging the truth a little.  Minimates always nails it, this is just extra icing on the cake.  These mates all look fantastic.  It should be noted, a “case” is 10 packs.  You get 3 packs each of Alice Kingsleigh / Hatter / Time, but only one Ribbon Alice.  That’ll be the tough to find.




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This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 6 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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