The litlgeeks can’t put Lego Dimensions down.  Lego Dimensions hasn’t really given them an opportunity to.  With an incredible amount of fresh content and figures available, it’s a new experience every single time they dive into the game.  Today’s new experience is extra special though, one could say both Limited Edition, AND Exclusive!  Today the litlgeeks get a look at Lego Dimensions exclusive figure Supergirl and limited edition figure Green Arrow.  Before we dive in though, tomorrow 11/18 is a crazy special day for Lego Dimensions.  The next wave of Dimensions hits stores!  The Fantastic Beats and Where To Find them Story Pack comes out, as does the Fantastic Beasts Fun Pack, the Sonic Level Pack, the Gremlins Team Pack, and the E.T. Fun Pack!  If you haven’t pre-ordered, you have one more day to!  Otherwise, pick them up this weekend and have a blast!

Exclusive Supergirl

Lego Dimensions Supergirl was a tough cookie to track down for a while.  Thankfully though, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment (the company that makes Lego Dimensions), saw how much fans wanted this awesome figure and they are now circulating her in a semi-wide release.  You can pick her up if you get the PS4 starter pack, which around Black Friday will fetch around $49.99 in many places.  We scored a sweet deal at Target with Cartwheel for $43 after tax.  Absolutely worth it.  This figure is fantastic as a mini-figure and her heat vision and flight in game are so much fun!  Amazon has the Supergirl for $40 today!


Limited Edition Green Arrow

The Lego Dimensions Limited Edition Green Arrow, first a convention exclusive is going to be even harder for fans to get hands on than Supergirl!  He is now a GameStop Black Friday hand out…so best of luck everyone, and here is why.  Green Arrow is yet another awesome Lego mini-figure.  In the game, he’s a massive amount of fun.  Blending acrobatics with archery and quick movements.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine to play with.  Now, like I said, you can’t just go out and buy Green Arrow.  The litlgeeks got lucky thanks to a really nice litlcanadian friend named Nickolis.  His dad sent the litlgeeks Green Arrow at his request for an incredible price!


The Rest

Supergirl and Green Arrow team up to give some incredible re-playability to Lego Dimensions.  Guiding these super heroes through familiar levels is a blast with their new abilities.  I do hope they will eventually get a fun pack release!


The PS4 Lego Dimensions Starter Pack with Supergirl is available for $40 on Amazon.  Green Arrow is going to require some Black Friday luck.


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 6 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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