The litlgeeks got an awesome package full of free Kiddy Up Play Balls toys from Imperial Toys to share with you!  The Kiddy Up 100 count Pit Ball bag, the Kiddy Up Hopper Ball, and the Kiddy Up Ball Cannon.  The litlgeeks had a blast with all of them, check it out!



Kiddy Up’s Pit / Play Balls are a fantastic assortment that will keep your child endlessly entertained!


Kiddy Up Pit Balls 100 Count – These pit balls are super resilient and durable and pop back out to being balls after most any beating!


Kiddy Up Hopper Ball – We all had one growing up, and this one is perfect for litl bottoms to bounce around most surfaces!


Kiddy Up Play Ball Cannon – This amazing ball shooter will let kids have a blast hopping and popping out play balls!


Thank you again Imperial Toys and Kiddy Up for these awesome free samples to review for all of our litlfriends!

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