To say that the litlgeeks love bottle flipping is an understatement.  To say that the litlgeeks teachers do NOT love bottle flipping, also an understatement.  But what if you could make a game around it, put it in a box…a box that kids keep at home and enjoy with family?  Kap It!  The litlgeeks took home one of their favorite games from TTPM 2017 and today they are excited to share Kap It with you!


Kap It is a great family game, fun for all ages (8 and up!).  It challenges your dexterity and focus and encourages the M in STEM with a fun scoring system built in.  Kids can also play creatively with games like HORSE and landing streaks.  After watching the first bottle flip or two, the whole family will want to join in.  Kap It is available now on Amazon!


The litlgeeks received Kap It for free to review for you.

Kap It is for ages 8 and up.

This post / video is for entertainment purposes only.

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